A good list of requirements will make the difference between the success and failure of a project.  A good requirements list will allow you to create and design the solution which will be well received and accepted by the project sponsor and end users.

But first what exactly is a requirement?

A business requirement is one which the stakeholder requires the product or solution solving the stakeholder generated problem should have

Depending on the type of requirements it is split into three parts

  • Functional requirements
    • This basically lists the functions the product/solution should have
    • This also lists the actions the product/solution must take
    • Example includes ‘ The solution should allow the administrator to access metadata’ or ‘the solution should have a field for manual entry of date’
  • Technical requirements
    • The scalability and type of technical architecture would be defined here
    • Examples include ‘ the product should run on client’s exsisting hardware’ etc
  • Constraints
    • Constraints may be due to a user or budget
    • Examples include technical capability of user or budget shouldn’t exceed x Dollars

So how to create a good requirement?

I basically follow the SMART format i.e all the requirements I record will be specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and traceable. I will not be explaining much about this as Google search is replete with information on the same.