Now that you have gathered all the requirements now you are in the final task of getting the requirements approved by the right stakeholders. Normally there are three kinds of approvals which are required before a project is greenlighted. The three types and the best practices of handling each of them are as follows:

  • Business Approval
    • With the business, it is important to schedule multiple review sessions with different departments because a project might have both finance and HR requirements and the finance team might not be required for the hr requirements gathering
    • SMEs should be involved in all the review sessions
    • It is important that during the meeting we answer all queries and alleviate all concerns
    • Do not add any new requirements during the review session unless it is of paramount importance
  • IT team approval
    • Here it is important to have all the branches of the IT team in one room
    • Normally two review sessions are done. One review is at a high level whilst the other is an in-depth review. Normally in the first review, the solution and the technical architecture will be explained and the relevant documentation will be shared with the IT team. Then the second review will be mostly used for Q&A
  • Project sponsor approval
    • This is normally the last step and happens after the business and IT Approval
    • The  updated project scope and schedule will be presented to the project sponsor
    • It is important that the Business lead and IT lead be part of the team as well
    • It will be better if visual models will be used for presenting

Of course, in order to get the most out of all the meetings, it is very important that you create meeting agendas before hand.