Now that you are into a project it is important to fill up the RACI Matrix. So what exactly is the RACI Matrix?

So what exactly is the RACI Matrix?

It is a tool which is used for identifying and assigning responsibilities to various stakeholders. This tool provides a clear set of responsibilities to each stakeholder and makes sure no conflicts arise later in the project cycle

What Does RACI stand for?

  • R -> Responsible
    • Who will be doing the task?
    • When will they be doing this task?
  • A -> Accountable
    • Who will provide the sign off for this particular task?
  • C -> Consulting
    • Who will be the SME for this task?
  • I -> Informed
    • Who all should be informed about this task?

Now although creating a RACI matrix is important what is more important is the identification of stakeholders in this process.

So how are stakeholders identified?

  • Stakeholders are those who are directly benefited by this project
  • Those who sign off on the project
  • Those who work with the project beneficiaries


For a project to be successful, it is important to not only create the correct RACI matrix but also to identify the right stakeholders