As a business analyst, one of your important tasks is to build a business case.

Consider this scenario, as a hot-shot business analyst you have been given a task of gathering requirements for a particular business pain point. You go through the grind talk to all the stakeholders and you gather the complete list of requirements. You pass the requirements over to the development and the solution is completed. Now during end user testing, you find that the business had a completely different objective and this was missed out because we a business analyst was too focused on gathering requirements rather than understanding what the overarching business objective was all about.

It is not that, understanding and listing the set of requirements is not important, what is important is understanding the business objective of the project sponsor or a department head. So my suggestion is before going into the requirement gathering phase you as a business analyst have a sit down with the project sponsor and understand the following. This can be posed as a set of queries as well.

  • What is the purpose of this project?
  • What is the goal of this project?
  • How will the project improve the business?
  • How will the project’s success be measured?
  • Who all will determine the success of this project?
  • Who else other than the project sponsor has a major stake in the success of this project?