SDLC…that standard acronym which has been a bane/boon for many a IT professional. But did you know that SDLC has more than one meaning?

THere are two kinds of SDLC. They are as follows:

  • Software Development Lifecycle: In this definition, we take about the actual development of the software i.e the requirements, Development, Testing Deployment etc
  • System Development Lifecycle: This encompasses Software development as well. Here in addition to the actual software creation, we talk about the people required, the Physical infrastructure required, Training etc.

A business analyst needn’t worry much about system development lifecycle. But he should be an expert in software development lifecycle

Software development lifecycle

In a crux the software development lifecycle has the following steps:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Stop Gap analysis
  • Designing solutions
  • Development of actual software
  • Testing of software
  • Deploy
  • Maintenance, support, and up-gradation of software

Depending on the type of methodology used the above-mentioned steps might be in a different order or under a different name. Some of the methodologies are waterfall, Scrum, Agile etc and depending on the organization and depending on the type of project the most appropriate SDLC methodology will be created.