Although over a few articles we have been discussing what a business analyst does and how they add value it is important to note that note all business analysts do all the roles. Within this field, they tend to specialise in one or two fields. In broad strokes Business analysts can be classified into the following:

  • Requirements Analyst: Here the Analyst acts as a conduit between IT and business and is responsible for interacting with the various stakeholders and understanding the various requirements and documenting them. This analyst is also involved in the solutions and provides expertise from a functional point of view although nowadays it is common to see requirement analysts providing IT solutions as well
  • Process Analyst: This analyst uses workflow software like visio to model the business process and documenting the existing business process and visualising them for relevant stakeholders. In addition, they also build workflows for new business processes which has been determined by the firm on a strategic level.
  • Systems Analyst: This Analyst is a technology specialist and mainly works with the IT team on creating functional specifications based on the requirements shared by the requirements analyst
  • Data Analyst: This analyst role is heavily technical in nature. He/She is generally an expert in data modelling and pattern recognition and they build logical models and reports

Also in addition nowadays as design becomes an important element in IT projects we also get to see a new breed of analysts called the UX analyst