The term Business Analyst is an all-encompassing one. It can be used to refer to anyone who identifies and solves problems in business. This can refer to anyone from the CEO to the front office receptionist. For all of those looking to becoming a business analyst, through this article I will attempt to answer the most important query what does a person with the job title “Business Analyst”. actually, do on a day-to-day basis.

In their day to day corporate life, a BA can be caught in his/her natural habitat doing any one of the four functions listed below:

  • Identify the major problems within the firm or opportunities which the firm can tap into. This can be anything from identifying a new business opportunity for the organisation or process improvement or regulatory compliance.
  • Documenting the problem/opportunity: This is the most important task of a Business Analyst. Once the problem is identified then the BA will work with the various stakeholders who are involved in this project and gather the requirements and document them. This step requires a strong understanding of the Business analysis framework as well as superior interpersonal skills.
  • Architecting solutions: Once the problem has been identified and documented and approved by the necessary stakeholders the business analyst then architects the best possible solution. Here domain specific business analysts are used
  • Testing solutions: Although the BA is not involved in the solution implementation the BA normally works with the end users to test the solutions. Here the BA validates the solutions through end user testing and whether it fulfils the problem as stated in the project brief.


The above basically gives a 6000-feet view of a BA’s responsibility and functions. Some BAs may specialise in any one of the above tasks or may be a domain or industry expert.