Today the Business Analyst market is exploding with the job market growing at the rate of 19% over the next 10 years. Although the term Business Analyst seems like a specific skill, a cursory glance at Linkedin job openings with the title Business Analyst will bring forth a wide range of job descriptions and roles and responsibilities.  Some Business Analysts are in purely technical roles defining the IT solution whilst others are strictly on the business side. But one thing is for sure Business analysis is not just a great career choice but also a hot skill to have regardless of the career path chosen.

The skills required for a successful business analyst is easily transferable and quite useful in success for the other careers as well.

Given below are the top 7 skills within Business Analysis which can be easily transferred to other careers

  • Communicating Details and concepts

  • Risk Identification, Communication and Mitigation

  • Stakeholder Identification and Expectation management

  • Change management

  • Ability To Navigate Politics

  • Tolerance to ambiguity and ability to create structure out of the ambiguity

  • Whiteboarding