Over the last few months, I got re-engaged with writing.  I loved writing and debating when I was in school and college. But somewhere along the way, it fell by the wayside.

As my new year’s resolution for the year of 2016, I started keeping a journal. And after over a year, I started reading what I wrote, and I found certain observations.

At first, I wrote about events, short concise paragraphs about what happened that particular day. But slowly, I started talking more about emotions and how I felt about that particular incident which affected me that particular day.

Also, I noticed that I do not write about every single thing that happened that particular day. I was a selective story-teller. I chronicled what affected me the most.

That was when it hit me, my life is a story written and narrated by me. I could shape it, however I want it to be and even if I couldn’t control the action, I could control the experience and how I feel about it. This realisation gave me a powerful feeling. That I have complete control of my life.

We are all storytellers each scripting and writing our own stories in this tale called life. Although the script may seem pre-determined or completely random ( depending on each person’s point of view) it is important to note that we are ones narrating it.

And that can define whether our life feels successful or out. In order to take control of your narration and increase your confidence I suggest the following:

  • Always focus on the silver lining – However bad a situation or problem may be, always find the silver lining. For example, a death of close relative whilst being emotionally hard would have been the very incident which would have made you a more responsible person
  • Recall your best stories – Try and recall moments of your life wherein you believed you were at the pinnacle of your happiness or was a high point in your professional life. Recalling these stories makes you aspire to repeat time. And sure enough through luck or through probability ( i.e the number of times you tried) you will reach that point again

This post is not a sermon, nor is it supposed to tell you how to live your life. This is just an idea; an idea on how to narrate your life