“Apples grow on trees but carrots grow underground. Do you know why?”

I still remember that question from the little girl. It was a laidback town in the middle of nowhere and we the village folk used to while away our time sitting on the front porch talking little and thinking none.

But this little girl was different. She asked a lot of questions. She questioned the sky and she questioned the earth and everything in-between. By the time she was 8 she had read all the books in the village library and had graduated to the town library some 50 miles away. That was how I came to meet her

For you see I used to drive a truck into the city at least twice a week. In addition to farming, I also sculpt wood and twice a week I used to go the town to see if I could sell my wares. As one of the few who ventured out of the village frequently, she came to persuade me to take her to the library so that she could get more books. I was mildly amused and accepted her request after talking to her father who owned the farmland adjacent to mine

I never did like talking. But with her, it was a whirlwind of words and questions. As the farms on either side whizzed past me, so did her questions. It was annoying. But I was friends with her father and come Harvest season he always allowed me to use his Harvester free of cost provided I used my own fuel. I felt I owed him a debt and tolerated her questions.

And so it went for three months, but suddenly had father sent word that wouldn’t be joining me today as she was sick. I felt relieved that I needn’t hear her incessant chatter. But by the end of the day, I was wrong. I missed her. I missed her chatter and her questions.

The next day when she hopped onto my truck she asked me “Apples grow on trees but carrots grow underground. Do you know why?”. I looked at her sitting beside me, smiled and asked her “Why?”

The suprise on her face was akin to shock. But then she quickly covered it up and started answering the question. But that was nothing compared to the shock and turmoil inside of me. I was interesed in something i didnt already know and I had just actively asked a question about it.

And thus began a new chapter in both our lives…

Stay tuned for the next chapter!