The galaxy still spun it’s spiral arms as it made it’s way through the vastness of the universe.

The stars still shone and our sun still blazed a bright orange in the horizon.

But alas, Earth was dead.

It was dead long before the set of atoms which give body and consciousness was constructed in such a fashion so as to beget me

I know not of the squalor nor the splendour in which humanity lived

I know not of their aspirations which they held as their ambitions

But I do know they are long gone

Why did they go?

Where did they go?

We know not. But what we do know is humanity is lost forever.

Lost in the throes of space or the pits of the planet earth?

No one knows.

But humanity is lost forever

Who am I you ask?

Who are you this patchwork of atoms singing  verses about the long-lost man

I am no one.

No one of consequence anyways

But I would like to know. Know more about the being they called a man.