One thing we all can be sure of is that across the world especially in 2016 we saw major political shifts happening across the world such as Brexit or election of Donald Trump. But what was disturbing about these political shifts was the increasing polarization of viewpoints. The fight became no longer about ideologies but more about us vs them or if you are not with us then you are against us. There is no middle ground.

One of the reasons for this is the fact that most of us now consume our news from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This has allowed us to wall ourselves off in ideological silos, consuming different news and talking only to like-minded others. This is a function of both the news feed algorithms which is built to caters only to our likes and our own inbuilt biases. How many of us like to be confronted with an opposing viewpoint.

What can we do to chip away at polarisation in everyday life? What could we do to connect with and communicate with our political counterparts? This TED talk given Robb Willer provides some compelling insights on how we might bridge our ideological divide and also offers some intuitive advice on ways to be more persuasive when talking politics.