Consider the question ‘What is education?’ or more accurately consider this ‘What is education with respect to the country?’.

In different time periods different answers will have been given. Like in Colonial India the British would have replied ‘to create a cadre of clerks to serve the British empire ‘ or in newly independent India the answer would have been ‘to create a national tendency of being Indian’

History lessons now over let’s look at the present scenario. What will education mean today?

I suspect the answer to be  ‘to get jobs’.

Education of children has long been of debate; from the ancient Greeks to the present day world the question has and have been ‘does education make the children holistic individuals and responsible citizens?’

The answer? A RESOUNDING NO.

Why? why is it that the sector which creates the future of this country and this planet have such a negative vibe to it.

Well, it is easy to blame the system the government for this sorry state of affairs but the answer is that as long as the teachers do not hold onto the spirit of teaching (the truth is most don’t) the sector and as a consequence the children will suffer and fail.

Isn’t it nauseating to see the country of ours having had great teachers like Aurobindo or Dr.RadhaKrishnan now is questioning the very commitment of the moulder of young minds.

I offer no answers but just think about it.

The standard of teachers will improve, we will get better teachers having more knowledge in their subjects. This and lots more will be happen for it is a  simple case of market dynamics but there is the soul of education and it is getting lost.