I wanted the stars

But now I am beyond it.

It all started when I was young and I looked up into the night sky. It was a funny thing the night sky. Full of white dots against a black canvas of nothingness. So beautiful and yet so mysterious. The moon is beautiful I agree. But it is nothing compared to the mysterious beauty of the pinpricks that dotted the night sky.

Man had already gone to the moon. So I knew my destination was in the stars. These dreams took me through school and into one of those top secret programs which the government was working on which if successful would make man fly to the stars.

I spent 30 years there, and that day was my retirement party. I had no family to return to. No friends to speak off. The stars were my family. The stars were my friends but after this day I could no longer meet them

It was then as I was pondering over this thought I felt a sharp pain in my left hand and fell down in the party, surrounded by humans but yet all alone. People around me were screaming and yet I felt a calmness when I saw that bright light. It was beckoning to me and it was at that time I understood that whilst in life I didnt reach the stars, now I am going beyond it and with this happy thought, I closed my eyes to live beyond the stars.