He looked up from into the night sky from the crater. The sea of tranquillity the ancient men called it. The place where man first set foot on another planet. The place which heralded the next big step for mankind.

Sadly that’s the ancient past now. What was heralded as the next big step and the stepping was to be his crowning achievement for many centuries to come. Why did he not move forward? from the moon to mars, Jupiter and beyond? So many queries ran through his mind. But sadly he could not go back to earth for he was a moon-born and his spindly muscles couldn’t take earth’s gravity.

His queries were self-defeating at best. Look at man’s history. All his queries could be placed at different parts of world history and not mean anything. Why wasn’t the greatness of Pericles’s Athens maintained and made bigger in the post-Pericles era? or why wasn’t the greatness of Victorian Britain matched in the post-victorian era?

Such were his queries, Unanswered and unknown. As he looked up the blue earth through his space suit’s visor he tried reaching out, reaching out with his arms and mind trying to hug Earth. As if by hugging earth he could understand what Man was and why at the pinnacle of success he did not seek to move beyond

No inspiration ever came. No god-like entity ever gave him the flash of brilliant thought which could help him find the answers to these queries. Sighing, he turned, turned away from earth and started looking at the stars for the Earth was the past and the stars are the future and he the citizen of moon will dream of man’s continued greatness