I have always been taught and brought up with the notion that if only the government to get it’s act together by completely moving out of the industrial complex and leave it all to the private sector then real innovation will happen and India would be a super-power.

Growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s this above statement was reinforced again and again  as the governmental PSU’s bumbled its way from one scandal and bailout to the next as the private sector firms were  innovating and creating millions of new jobs and billions of dollars

But recently as I was re-watching World War Z one Saturday night ( Yes, I like to watch movies rather than go out partying) There was this interesting scene where one of the characters will say that it was his duty to ask the counter question i.e when news came about zombie attacks in India all intelligence chiefs lampooned it; but it was his duty to ask the question what if the story was true.

Thus I put forth a question to myself “What if the government is the real innovator?” After spending/wasting my entire weekend googling, I was surprised at the answer which I got. Yes, the government is truly the innovator which allows the rest of us to be innovative. What changed my mind? There were many reasons why and I will update them here as and when I get time. But this TED talk Mariana Mazzucato is a starting point which I  would recommend to anyone who is interested in probing more into this contrarian question