Curiosity. That funny word which made or broke many a man. This is a story of when a man got curious.

He was not an exceptional man. His name was not exceptional. His age, his build and his height were all average and truth be told, not relevant. What’s relevant is his story.

The story begins with him walking down the street after getting down from the bus.He has been taking this same route since time immemorial. It was the shortest path to his home and nothing really happens along that road. Nothing interesting anyways. Just like his life

But that day was different. As he was walking down the street, he saw a flash; The flash of a sports car as it sped by him into the darkness of the extended street. Weird he thought and continued down the street.

And there whilst walking down the street he met a man average in every way calling out his name. Surprised he walked near him and indicated the emotion. This man average in every way smiled at him and asked: “Do you know yourself?”. Our man the ever average Joe asked why. But this average man disappeared.

As he walked up to his house he was worried and confused. Confused as who the man was and how he knew him. Confused as to why he disappeared and why he called him. This confusion crept up to his heart and gnawed at his soul.

As days and months passed his confusion took on its own shape. It stopped thinking about the man and started thinking about the question. Who was he? and How well he knew himself? and it was then the man became curious.

A long time later…

It was quite a journey. This journey which we call life and this average man wrinkles showed a satisfied and interesting life. His life after he became curious was not of importance to us. But what was important was that he became curious. For curiosity is that emotion which makes us feel complete. Complete in mind and complete in heart. But, I digress. The story of our curious man did not stop at his death.

After his death, he went to the next life and there stood the average man. As he looked at him curiously in wonder, God asked “Did you know yourself?” and our ever curious average man replied, “Not yet, but I have an eternity to do so” and thus began the life of a curious angel. and that is a story for another day.