I had a dream once. Seeing out into the night sky. Authors before me had explained the beauty of the night sky and innumerous artists have captured it’s beauty in ways unseen and unimaginable. But there was something about the sky that night. It had an unexplainable beauty about it. A beauty I couldn’t fathom. But this beauty enveloped me and made me dream. That sky made me dream.

A dream that I would rise above the mundane. A dream that my thoughts will mean more words in a wind.Never knew why I dreamed that way. I never have dreamed that way before. But that was dream; A dream to be forgotten when the beautiful night sky is diminished by the rise of the fiery sun. Never knew why sunrises were so overrated. The sun as it rises out of the horizon beyond the sea destroying the stars in all their sparkly brilliance. But I digress. The dream was lost and I went back to the mundane.

It’s been years since that day. I was young then and I am old now, but every day in that moment before consciousness escapes you and you get enveloped by sleep the dream returned. The dream which I hoped will make me rise into civilisations consciousness. The dream which mankind will accept and walk along with me. But it was just a dream.

I was happy before the dream. There was a feeling of fulfilment when I slept those days. But the dream stopped all that. The dream made me hunger for more and the worst part was the dream did not wither away as I grew old. It only became sharper; It became more clear. Every step I took as I became older only reinforced the dream and made it became a burning pit inside of me.

I have no hope now. The vagaries of youth have taken it’s toll on me. I am old. But the fire burns inside. It’s no more a dream to be had when I was about to be enveloped by unconsciousness in the darkness of the night. But a dream which lights the fuel which makes me go through the day. I have no choice but to act. Act on that subconscious impulse which hit me all that time ago whilst I looked up at the night sky.
I know not whether the consciousness of the civilisation will accept me. I know not whether my words will be more than the dust that swirls in the wind. But I know this. I will sleep fulfilled tonight, for I have started living my dream